Fish n' Chips

In a Sci-Fi environment, where water is no longer water and fishes don’t match our expectation, collect the cash fishes, avoiding creatures that will make you lose by destroying the hook.


November 2020

Developed by

Mindera Gaming

How to Play

Game Dynamics

- Put a bet
- Throw the hook
- Use your Skill to catch the money Fishes
- Try to avoid the dangerous sub-aquatic creatures
- Catch friendly creatures that will give you superpowers

Be careful, cause the hook has a max strength and friendly creatures can become dangerous ones!


Game Elements

Tag Money Tag Danger Tag Power-UP

Each game element has its own power. Some of them will allow you to survive, others will simply kill you and make you lose.

Fish n' Chips In a Nutshell

RTP: 95%

Betting Dynamics

1. Each round randomizes the world size (depth); the number of fishes per specie; and the hook max strength;

2. Each round randomizes the winning value, based on the bet, and splits it by X number of money fishes available during the game;

3. Catch the money fishes to earn money;

4. The player needs to end the game (get the hook to the water surface in order to earn the collected money);

5. If the hook breaks or if the player catches the “escafandro” he loses all the catched money!

Tap on components


All caught fishes increases the round score (it can be used later to create high scores, special bonus, etc)


Move the hook, left/right and up/down to catch fishes and move slow down/move fast.


Active Power-up notification.


Caught/Available - Hook strength; be careful, because if it breaks you lose all the money you got.


Caught/Available money fishes during the round.


Hook depth during the game.

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