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Pinball like you never played before, a fast paced, neon lighted arcade classic

A twist in the pinball formula

A Pinball game where the wagering opportunity runs at the same speed as the ball and your skills!

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Game dynamics

How to play

Betting Dynamics

  1. Set the bet value
  2. Launch the ball
  3. Use your Skill to play the game
  4. Everytime the ball hits the bumpers (on the top) a bet is placed and result obtained
  5. A round is a playable ball
  6. You can set the betting value per round (before you launch a new ball)

Here's how it works

  1. Know more about what is going on in the game
  2. See how you are performing, when compared with other players
  3. The stats in terms of total bets and Won within the round
  4. Everytime the ball hits this “bumpers” a bet is placed and an automatic result obtained
  5. Betting and results history for the round
  6. Adjust the value you want to bet

Try the demo

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Let’s make something great together!

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