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A game engine to empower the game revolution

Designed to speed up the development of the new generation of Skill based and Arcade games.

Why is it different?

Arcade is coming to casinos

As casino moves to a new generation of games, studios need different tools to develop the games.

Secure server-side game processing & validation

The game simulation can be guaranteed by the Back-end server which hugely reduces game exploitation by malicious players.

Browser is a 1st class citizen

Designed from scratch to offer the grounds to develop mobile and browser centered games.


From the engine to the editor, supporting multi-platforms was a key design aspect

Beautiful games brought to life with Game Engine

Fish n' Chips


Collect the cash fishes, avoiding creatures that will make you lose




Betting experience mixed with a traditional Pinball game.


We’re working with studios that are revolutionizing the market.

  • Greenjade Games
    Greenjade Games

    Helping Green Jade to do what they do the best: design quality games.

  • Mindera

    Bringing the best of the gaming technology into Mindera.


Sound Engine
Editor Gizmos
rendering +
server-side game
logic processing
and validation
Dev tools

Mindera Gaming can help you in the development of your next title

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  • Why did we invest in the development of a new Game Engine?

    Mindera Gaming aims to bring arcade games into the iBetting industry, a highly regulated environment where proof of actions/wagering/winnings is mandatory. This means, that if we are to bring arcade games to this ecosystem, and if we are to include wagering directly in the gameplay, all of the users' actions are required to be validated by a trusted and auditable entity. On the other hand, we aim to provide an excellent game experience so we need to ensure an high FPS count on all of our games. To achieve both of these requirements we need a technology that both allows game updates to occur in the browser (ensure a high FPS throughput), while also being able to verify everything that happened in a game session's service layer (ensure that no cheats/tweaks have altered the state or gameplay that was certified). Since we did not find a technology that would be a perfect suit for these requirements, we've started a task force to implement a Game Engine that could meet these scenarios.

  • Why Golang has the base development language?

    From an iBetting service layer ecosystem, Mindera Gaming has been working with multiple clients on using this technology for the betting ecosystem on multiple steps of the end to end flow such as game server implementation (non arcade games), wallet/operator integration or wagering auditing to name a few. Nonetheless, Golang has an additional important advantage. Golang provides out of the box native support to compile its source code into Web Assembly, meaning that, the same source code can both be imported into a Golang service layer component as well as be integrated in the web browser client through the correspondent Web Assembly compiled component (.wasm). This means that a game engine developed in Golang can run on a Game loop in the FE (FPS optimisation) while also being replicated in the BE (fraud prevention).

  • iGaming is cool, but can I use to develop other games?

    Nothing in the Game Engine implementation forces or requires for the game to be developed to target the iBetting ecosystem. So the answer is YES, our engine can be used to implement any kind of game regardless if it contains or not a betting component.

  • Who can integrate the Engine with my game?

    Any game studio or game developer should be able to use our engine. The engine features were developed according to the gaming community best practices (we are not trying to re-invent the wheel here). The same concepts, end to end flows and features as any other game engine were respected.

Let’s make something great together!

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