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Fish n' Chips

In a future where water has become something else, fish have mutated into strange creatures, fish them for money but be careful and avoid other creatures lurking in the deep

How to play

Game Dynamics

  • Place a bet
  • Line and sink
  • Use your skills to catch money fish
  • Avoid other aquatic creatures
  • Catch power-up creatures to increase your chances

Be careful, cause the hook has a max strength and friendly creatures can become dangerous ones!

Game Creatures

Each creature has its own effect. Some of them will help you some will try to make your fishing much more challenging.

  • Money Fish
    Money Fish

    Effect: Wins you chips if you successfully catch them! (depends on RNG)

  • Magnet Shrimp
    Magnet Shrimp

    Effect: Works like a magnet on money fish, attracting them towards the hook

  • Sea Horse
    Sea Horse

    Effect: Slowdown other fish movement

  • Spooky Snake
    Spooky Snake

    Effect: Repels all fish in its surroundings

  • Killer Jelly
    Killer Jelly

    Effect: By catching this fish, all the surround fishes currently in the viewport will die (including all the money fish)

  • Inky Octopus
    Inky Octopus

    Effect: If caught, will fire an "ink bomb" and make it harder to perceive the world for a few seconds.

  • Escafandro

    Effect: Game Over!

RTP: 95%

Fish n' Chips in a Nutshell

Betting Dynamics

  1. Each round randomizes the world size (depth); the number of fishes per specie; and the hook max strength
  2. Each round randomizes the winning value, based on the bet, and splits it by X number of money fishes available during the game
  3. Catch the money fish to earn chips
  4. The player needs to end the game (get the hook to the water surface in order to earn the collected chips)
  5. If the hook breaks or if the player catches the “Escafandro” he loses all the caught chips!

Here's how it works

  1. All the fish caught increase the current round score
  2. Slide the hook in different directions to catch fish
  3. The active power-up effect
  4. The hook's current and total capacity, try not to exceed it
  5. Total Money Fish swimming in this round
  6. The hooks' current depth

Let’s make something great together!

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